Fees & Services

Please contact us for a fee quote and estimated turn-around time.

We base our fees on the complexity of your property and the scope of work required for your appraisal request.

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Email Info@laresidentialappraisal.com

We appraise residential single family homes, condominiums, Co-Ops, and 2-4 unit property, Fair Market value, Retrospective Estate, Estate appraisal, Divorce, Bankruptcy, and PMI removal.

Our Services

Single Family Appraisals (1004UAD),
Condominium Appraisals (1073UAD),
Income Properties, Units 2-4 (1025)
Exterior SFR (2055) Appraisals
Exterior Condo (1075) Appraisals
1004D Completion Certificate/Appraisal Update
Rental Survey (1007)
Operating Income (216)
Desktop Valuations
Desktop Reviews
Field Reviews
Floor Plans
Narrative reports available upon request